Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I earn from this affiliate system?
We pay up to 2.2USD per 1000 unique visitors, depending on traffic and number of visits your click ratio will automaticly increase every month up to 3USD per 1000 unique visitors. We pay all countries.
How often will I get paid?
We send payouts once a month, on the 20th. If those days happen to fall in a weekend, we pay on the nearest working day which is usually Monday.
Is there a minimum amount to reach in order to receive a payout?
The minimum payout is set at $50 but you can always raise it in your payment details. If you didn't reach your minimum payout, your earnings will be carried over to the next period until the minimum payout is reached.
Which payment methods do you support?
Currently we support PayPal and Epayservices.
Can I send traffic from multiple sites?
Yes, and there is no limitation to the number of sites you can links us from.
Do you pay for traffic from embedded videos?
Yes, if you send visitors to our site!
Can I use a custom banner or a link?
Yes, you can use any banner or link you want to send us traffic.
What is Affiliate PID?
Affiliate PID is your and unique ID
I forgot to use PID in my URLs. Can you count that traffic?
You don`t need include pid in url, we count traffic only from your domain.
How do you track my traffic?
We track your traffic by your domain name.
I don't see the stats for today. Where are they?
That's because stats is not a real time. Statistics is updated every few hour.
I have error "Oops! Something went wrong."
If you have added and verified domain and you have this error that is because we don't have statistics from your site. If you think that is error please contact us.
Can i send you traffic from facebook/twiiter page?
No, because we can't count traffic from this sites.
Can i send you traffic from email?
No, because we can't count traffic from mail.
Can i iframe your page and site?
No, you will get banned account, you can use only our videos via iframe, please check Embed Videos Generator
Do you count all the countries?
Yep, all countries are counting.
Referral program?
If you're wanting to make more money, that's now possible! Just take a link from the administrative panel to draw webmasters in. You will receive 5% for each new webmaster that registers from your referral! It's quick to do and will increase your profits greatly.
How can I promote the referral program?
Our affiliate program is a way for you to generate additional revenue in Beemtube. Every webmaster have their own unique link/url that can be given to other webmasters or placed on websites and forums. We also have some banners that you can use to promote the program. We host these banners, so all you need to do is copy the complete code below the banner(s) you want to use, and place the code on your website(s). Every webmaster that registers after clicking your link/url/banner, will become your affiliate for life and you will earn additional revenue from this webmaster if he generates any revenue.
How much can I earn in the referral program??
You will receive 5% lifetime of revenue that your referral generate. These funds are not taken from the referral cut, they are taken from our cut. You need to be an active webmaster in our program to be eligible for this revshare.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us on this page Contact Us

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